Medical Disinfection-service

Medical Disinfection

With the looming presence of COVID-19, disinfection has become more important than ever. Using high-quality products, Commercial Cleaning Services can thoroughly disinfect every surface in your workspace. As a result, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you, your employees, and your clients are safe. If you’d like to ensure a sanitary work environment and prevent the spread of COVID-19, enlist Commercial Cleaning Services to help disinfect your office!

Green Products Disinfection-service

Green Products Disinfection

At Commercial Cleaning Services, we only use green cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. Keeping your surroundings clean and tidy is important, but so is caring for the planet. When you hire us, you can trust that our cleaning products only contain ingredients that will not harm the environment. Therefore, you can disinfect your home or office without worrying about how the environment will be affected. If you need an experienced cleaning crew that uses high-quality, eco-friendly products, Commercial Cleaning Services is here for you!

Terminal Cleaning-service

Terminal Cleaning

Terminal cleaning ensures that your healthcare facilities are clean and sterile for your patients. Additionally, this type of cleaning can also help prevent the spread of infectious diseases or viruses that can be easily transmitted. If you work in a medical setting, Commercial Cleaning Services can help you create a safe, sanitary environment where your patients can feel confident about their health. Additionally, we can give you the peace of mind you need to perform at your best! If you need dependable sanitation at your healthcare facility, call Commercial Cleaning Services today!



You, your colleagues, and your clients should always be able to expect a clean building when you walk in. No matter what type of facility you work in, we can handle any and all of your cleaning needs! If you’re looking to maintain a tidy, presentable, and sanitary office environment, Commercial Cleaning Services can help! We only use top-tier cleaning products and proven techniques, so you can rest assured that your workspace will look spotless when we’re finished. If you’d like to take your office’s cleanliness to a whole new level, contact Commercial Cleaning Services for high-quality janitorial services!

Carpet Care-service

Carpet Care

At Commercial Cleaning Services, we can restore your carpet’s appearance using our commercial-grade, mounted carpet cleaners. Additionally, we only use the most effective cleaning agents on the market, which allows our machine to effectively eliminate any dirt, dust, or grime in your carpet. If your carpet is stained or has lost its original vibrant color, Commercial Cleaning Services can help. After we’re finished, your carpet will look practically brand new!

FLOOR CARE-service

Floor Care

Using high-quality equipment and cleaning products, Commercial Cleaning Services can help keep your facility’s floors spotless and sparkling. Our floor care services include stripping, waxing, and burnishing, so you can count on us to provide comprehensive service that restores your floor’s shine. If you work in an environment with linoleum, tile, or any other type of hard floor, we can ensure that it stays clean and maintains an ideal level of friction. As a result, you and your colleagues will be able to enjoy a safer, cleaner workspace!

Grout Cleaning-service

Grout Cleaning

Grout cleaning can be an extremely dirty job, but Commercial Cleaning Services can clean even the grimiest of floors. If your workspace has tile floors that have accumulated dirt over time, our top-notch cleaning services can help make your floor bright and shiny again. When it comes to your home or workspace, maintaining a visibly clean atmosphere can significantly enhance your mood and well-being. Therefore, hire Commercial Cleaning Services to help you keep your floors clean and radiant!



At Commercial Cleaning Services, we can clean newly constructed buildings to ensure that they look presentable to potential tenants. When you hire us, we will perform expert-level cleaning and floor care in every room in your new facility. As a result, you’ll know that the entire building looks clean, tidy, and safe to viewers. If you need professional cleaning help in a new building, Commercial Cleaning Services has you covered!

Window Cleaning-service

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning can be a tough and dirty job, but it’s an essential step to maintaining a presentable office setting. Keeping a tidy office interior is a good first step, but clean, shiny windows can also enhance your workplace’s aesthetic appeal. At Commercial Cleaning Services, our experienced cleaning crews can restore a glistening, streak-free appearance to even the grimiest windows. If you’re looking for clear, spotless office windows, call Commercial Cleaning Services today!

Day Porter Services

Day Porter Services

Commercial and industrial facilities are incredibly busy, and they require daily upkeep to ensure smooth functioning. If you manage an office building and could use daily assistance with sanitation, trash removal, and other maintenance, a day porter can help! At Commercial Cleaning Services, we’re committed to going above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs. No matter what type of upkeep your facility requires on a daily basis, we can help you maintain an appealing environment for your employees and visitors. If you could benefit from a day porter, Commercial Cleaning Services is here for you!

Event Set-Up/Planning-service

Event Set-Up/Planning

If you’re looking to coordinate a banquet, dinner, or other large event, Commercial Cleaning Services can help take some pressure off! When you hire us to lend a hand at your event, we’ll provide staff who can arrange tables, seating, and decorations according to your preferences. As a result, you’ll know for certain that you’re making a positive impression on your guests! You don’t have to set up your event all by yourself. Instead, Commercial Cleaning Services will provide high-quality assistance when you need it most!

Power Wash-service

Power Washing

When it comes to restoring dirty, worn-out buildings and concrete surfaces, power washing is one of the most effective techniques. If your building’s exterior looks dull, muted, or grimy, Commercial Cleaning Services can change that! Using a high-pressure sprayer, we can easily remove dirt and grime from your facility’s concrete walls or floors. If you’re looking to restore a clean appearance to your facility’s external surfaces, Commercial Cleaning Services will do the job right!

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