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Keeping a workplace clean and germ-free is essential to maintaining a productive work environment. After all, how can a workplace be effective if key members of its team are out sick? One great way to combat germs and an unhealthy environment is to hire a cleaning service to regularly come in and clean your offices.

A cleaning service can be beneficial for many reasons. First and foremost, most commercial cleaning companies excel at providing after-hours cleaning services. This can include anything from the bathrooms to multiple offices to kitchen spaces. Most services are customizable, which is convenient for those who require them.

A clean and healthy workspace facilitates a more productive workforce. Perhaps this is because a clean environment gives one a revived and renewed feeling that causes them to approach work with a more productive mindset. Either way, keeping the office clean helps keep your workforce healthy, safe, happy, and more productive.

Choose Commercial Cleaning Service Houston!

If you are searching for reliable and flexible cleaning services that provide amazing results every time, consider contacting the cleaning professionals at Commercial Cleaning Service Houston (CCS). Through our work, the CCS team strives to create safe and clean environments for every community or workplace that requests our services.

Additionally, we work hard to make each day a success so that we can become Houston’s top cleaning service. And, we are well on our way! With twenty years of experience providing commercial cleaning services, our company continues to excel in both customer service and results.

Of course, we could not provide such excellent service without the trust of our clients. As a company, we strive to go beyond the provision of cleaning services. Through core values like integrity and dependability, we aim to create a long-lasting relationship and partnership with our clients.

When you hire CCS for your cleaning needs, know that we are flexible in how we schedule visits to your facility. The frequency of our visits is completely in the hands of each respective client.

Whether you need a daily, weekly, or monthly visit, we can provide the service you are looking for. And, to ensure our standards of quality are being met, we have a quality control management system in place!

What Does a Typical Janitorial Service Include?

Whether you are a service provider, educational institution, or medical clinic, chances are you strive to maintain a clean and neat appearance. This attracts clients to you and keeping the facility safe and clean. As a janitorial and commercial cleaning service, CCS works to give you that clean facility.

A cleaning service can include almost any type of facility or room. For instance, CCS specializes in cleaning hotels, offices, schools, churches, and other facilities. Keep reading to find out more!


Most of the time, an office will range in size and functionality according to the size of the company. So, if you have twenty employees working out of the same office, you might choose to divide them into offices or have them work in the same room.

Either way, the cleaning services provided to an office can not be overestimated in importance. This is because the regular cleaning and disinfecting of workspaces contribute to the overall health of employees.

Cleaning services for an office include things like emptying trash, cleaning desks, vacuuming, sweeping floors, and dusting surfaces. Depending on the type of company, it can include other things.
CCS has the equipment to also provide disinfectant services. With the recent pandemic and CoronaVirus outbreaks, disinfecting is key to keeping those who use your facility safe.


Keeping a kitchen clean is essential to preventing infestation by bugs and mice. Additionally, it prevents the growth of mold and other harmful bacteria. When your kitchen is clean, it provides you with a safe food prep area.

When you hire a professional cleaning service to clean your office, those services extend to the kitchen if you choose. At CCS, our kitchen services include things like sanitizing and disinfecting the sink, surfaces, and cabinets. We can also complete tasks like refilling the soap dispenser, towel dispenser, mopping, and sweeping.


Let’s be honest. If germs had a house, it would be the bathroom. Sometimes, impressing your clients and employees starts with having public and employee restrooms that are spic and span. In today’s pandemic climate, it is especially essential that these areas be regularly sanitized and disinfected.

Janitorial services for restrooms include the cleaning of all surfaces (sinks, toilets, stall doors, and so forth). Additionally, replacing paper goods, emptying trash bins, and mopping the floor are all essential aspects of this cleaning service.

Conference Rooms and Meeting Spaces

If you meet with clients on a regular basis, chances are you rely on a conference or meeting space to provide you with the right setting for those meetings. Keeping this space decluttered and clean is essential to forming a great relationship with your clients.

Often businesses will host lunches for their clients, and these will often take place in a conference room. It makes sense that, though you may clean away papers and writing utensils from the room, food crumbs will be left behind.

Don’t let a bug infestation in your conference room distract you from important meetings that you rely on for business! Hire a commercial cleaning service that you can trust. In other words, give CCS a call today. We will provide janitorial services you can rely on to keep your office space and meeting room clean and fresh.

Reception Areas

The reception area is a space that your clients will typically see when they first enter your office. Prevent this area from becoming dusty and dirty by enlisting the services of CCS. Whether you need it daily, weekly, or monthly, we have you covered. Between vacuuming, dusting, and other essential aspects of janitorial services, your reception area will be so clean that it sparks confidence in your services.

Contact CCS!

When you contact CCS for your janitorial cleaning services, you will be impressed by the results of our work. With the flexibility and expertise offered by our team, you can’t go wrong. Moreover, one of the best ways to impress your clients is by keeping a clean and healthy office environment. So, call CCS today!

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