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Houston TX Sanitizacion

With the global pandemic outbreak, Houston TX sanitizacion has become all the more essential in our daily lives. Commercial Cleaning Service Houston is here to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Houston TX Sanitizacion

We can clean your office space to maintain Houston TX Sanitizacion.

Diseases have always been prevalent in our lives, but specific regulations and innovations have prevented them from becoming widespread. The onslaught of COVID-19 has only been a grim reminder. One of these is basic sanitation.

According to the World Health Organization, sanitation is necessary to protect public health. By keeping our public and private spaces clean of waste, we can stop the spread of specific diseases. And one of the tools necessary for that is water.

Did you know, globally, almost 30% of people don’t have access to drinking water in their own homes? And about 3 billion people lack handwashing facilities. Not to mention nearly 60% lack proper sanitation. All of this contributes to a rise in diseases and a lack of economic growth in their area.

What do those numbers mean? Without water to wash and keep basic hygiene, it’s difficult to stop the spread of germs. And that doesn’t stop from personal hygiene; this also includes the areas you frequent.

Whether that’s your office, business, or public spaces, germs that exist in those areas can also spread to others that pass by. By cleaning and disinfecting regularly, you can reduce the spread of illnesses.

So, in essence, by keeping yourself and your spaces clean, you can reduce the spread of disease and germs. Ensure you’re work environment is as clean a possible by working with the most trusted cleaning company in Houston, TX.

Proper Houston TX Sanitizacion Can Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

You probably already follow some CDC and governmental guidelines. The most common one is to wear a mask while in public. The other one is to keep about six feet away from others. But why do you need to do this?

The virus that causes COVID-19 spreads through viral droplets that can pass from person to person. So if you have the virus, even if you don’t know it, you can accidentally spread it by coughing, sneezing, or even breathing on someone else. By wearing a mask and staying away from others, you can minimize the chance that you’ll contract the virus.

And yes, although not the leading cause, you can get covid if you touch an infected surface. How is that possible? Like how you can pass the virus through viral droplets, these droplets can fall onto surfaces. Once on a surface, these viruses can survive for at least several hours to a few days.

So what’s the best way to ensure that you and your business won’t be spreading covid any further than necessary? By frequently washing your hands and disinfecting the rooms that see the most people, you can slow the spread of the virus.


The CDC recommends you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Although in a pinch, hand sanitizer also works, it’s not the best way. Your standard hand sanitizers don’t eliminate all the viruses and bacteria your hands can pick up, even if their alcohol content is high.

Soap and water are more effective in removing any unwanted germs. This point is essential, especially if you find yourself at work outside or in a community setting. Hand sanitizers can’t clean thoroughly if your hands are covered in dirt. Not to mention, hand sanitizers can’t do their work if you don’t apply enough or wipe it off before it dries.

Houston TX Sanitizacion

We use safe and effective cleaning methods to minimize the presence of COVID-19 in your home or business.


To uphold minimum Houston TX sanitizacion regulations, you should routinely clean your building.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential building, you need to clean the rooms and their surfaces to prevent germs from spreading. This fact may seem obvious, but it’s more important than you initially assumed.

As mentioned before, some viruses and bacteria can survive on surfaces for several hours to a few days. And you can prevent that from spreading by cleaning them before they infect someone.

The more frequently you touch a surface, such as desks, light switches, and doorknobs and handles, the more frequently you’ll need to clean it. For high-traffic areas, you’ll want to clean and disinfect them daily.

When you hear the word “cleaning,” you usually imagine bringing out the mop bucket, a broom, and some sponges and rags. And while that’s true, cleaning is both time-consuming and requires a lot of work. You probably don’t have time to set aside staff and time to wipe down whole rooms in your busy days.

That’s why you can hire professional cleaning services that can do that for you. With the tools and materials necessary to deep clean your rooms, professionals like those with Commercial Cleaning Service can help.


Even after you clean all your rooms, to ensure that all the germs are gone, you should also disinfect them. Methods like electrostatic sprayers allow cleaning services to disinfect larger rooms, like offices or gyms. New discoveries in science have upped the power of modern disinfectants. As long as you have the right ones, you can eliminate swathes of viruses and germs that are living on surfaces.

Cleaning and disinfecting something are two wholly different tasks. If you don’t clean a surface before disinfecting it, any germs that live beneath the layer of dirt will survive from the disinfectants you spray. That’s why you need to deep clean a room before properly disinfecting it.

Asking for a Professional Cleaning Service

After the initial outbreak of COVID-19, there was an increase in the need to sanitize everything. Everything had to be wiped down almost daily, from your personal hygiene to the spaces and areas you frequently visit. Cleaning and disinfecting buildings and their rooms became more important in customer service.

Houston TX Sanitizacion

Since 1993 we have been providing the best cleaning services around!

However, if you don’t already have your own janitorial service, setting aside time and staff to deep clean your office is a whole other issue.

That’s why you should hire professional cleaning services like Commercial Cleaning Service.

You can schedule us to clean your building and rooms on your time. It can be once, or daily, weekly, or even monthly.

With EPA-registered disinfectants and state-of-the-art tools, we can clean and disinfect your buildings with less effort. Don’t worry about needing to keep your business areas clean because we can do it for you.

To keep the basic Houston TX sanitizacion in your office buildings, restaurants, or apartment buildings, you can call on Commerical Cleaning Service to get the job done.

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