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Houston TX professional janitorial services

Commercial Cleaning Service Houston offers the best Houston TX professional janitorial services availableWe are a company that was founded in 1993, focused on our mission: to provide more than exceptional cleaning services to all of our customers in the Houston area. We expect that our customers will be more than pleased with the services we provide for them daily.

Whether you’re needing a bit of clean-up after a company party, planning and decorating for a Christmas party, disinfecting, it daily janitorial services, we have something that’ll meet your needs. The Commercial Cleaning Service Houston team of professionals can get your space looking brand new, just as it did before.

Whatever you’re needing, you can be sure we’ll get it for you!

Houston TX professional janitorial services

Houston TX professional janitorial services

Additionally, we adhere to all guidelines and accreditations. We are a fully backed and accredited company by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the carpet and rug institute, U.S. Green building council, and we proudly use Green Safe certified products.

Furthermore, we seek to provide our customers with affordable solutions to their cleaning problems. Since serving the Houston community for over 25 years, we’ve built quite a rapport for ourselves, and we are more than happy to provide additional excellent service to whoever needs it.

Each of our staff members is professionally trained and background checked. Moreover, they are dedicated to providing excellent customer service to everyone they come in contact with. Give us a call today to find out more about our customer service and the general services we can offer to you!

What services do we offer?

Here at Commercial Cleaning Service Houston, we provide our customers with numerous servicing options to meet their needs. From construction sites to homes, offices, and terminals, we clean it all! We also provide window cleaning services for those of you with large office windows that might be too hard to clean without proper equipment.

If you’re the owner or staff of a large office corporation, you’re not going to have the time to clean the windows yourself. Not to mention you most likely don’t have the tools. Again, this is where we come in to help you out.

Our cleaners make sure your windows are smudge and fingerprint-proof for as long as you need them to be. We are OSHA, Green Building Council, and the Carpet and Rug Institute certified. This means we follow all proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols when you enlist our services.

All of our materials are sanitized before and after each visit we make. This allows us to ensure that no germs are being spread from one business to another during any part of the cleaning process. Further, we use only green cleaning products.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Also, we don’t only clean buildings that are already in place and fully operational. We also clean buildings post-construction. Making sure that all dust and debris had been adequately removed before adding in furniture or more significant details can prevent any issues down the line. Construction is messy unintentionally, and we want to be sure your building starts out spectacularly.

Don’t worry about the mess. Our experts will have your property looking brand new!

Finally, we are committed to a standard that is known by all of our customers. You are the main priority and providing excellent customer service is our job.

If you’re ready to give us a try, we provide free estimates for all of our potential customers. Call us now to speak with a representative.

Houston Texas professional janitorial services

Allow us to be your first choice when you require Houston Texas professional janitorial services.

Janitorial Services

If you own or operate within a business, you’ll know that not all businesses come with in-house Houston TX professional janitorial services. Most of the time, you have to hire one yourself. Lots of businesses end up stuck in a bind when this happens. While we can expect our staff not to make a mess in the office, things happen, and accidents are inevitable.

Before you know it, the accidents can begin to pile up if you don’t have a janitorial team to help you clean up.

Commercial Cleaning Service Houston provides the janitorial services you need to keep your office looking top tier. Because most offices operate at a fast pace, you’re not going to have the time to clean the way you need to.

We can help you out here. Our janitorial team is the best in town and can get your office looking brand new again. It doesn’t matter if you need our services weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or daily–we cater to your needs no matter how persistent or minimal they are.

If your office needs good deep-cleaning, sweeping, or mopping, our excellent janitorial staff is there to help you out. We make the process easy for you.

Our janitorial service is reputable, and we take all cleaning seriously. Call us now for more information regarding the janitorial services we can provide to you.

About our equipment

At Commercial Cleaning Service Houston, we believe that cleaning jobs are done better when you have the right attitude and good equipment. A simple mop and bucket won’t get years of tough dirt and grime out of your floors. We made sure to invest in an array of top-tier cleaning tools so we are able to provide you with the best outcomes.

No matter the job, we deliver consistency in great service.

The CSS team uses commercial-grade truck-mounted carpet extractors. The best of their kind, they are able to lift up years of dirt and grime from the depths of your carpeting. Also, we use only the best chemical possible that comply with OSHA regulations. You only get the absolute best when you use our services.

Janitorial Services in Houston Texas

We only use green, safe certified products that are great for the environment and yourself.

Our machines will remove all of the caked in dirt that’s been lingering in the carpet for years. After we’re done, you won’t even recognize your carpet; it’ll look brand new.

Keeping the focus on our core values has allowed us to invest in the best machines to make your experience that much better.

Houston TX professional janitorial services

If you’re ready to get started with our janitorial services, give us a call at (713) 425-9600.

Our team is eager to get started cleaning! Our mission is to provide quality service by paying attention to detail and providing outstanding customer service daily. Choose Houston TX professional janitorial services for your cleaning needs.

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  • The Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world.
  • Houston was the capital of Texas from 1837-1839.
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