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Houston TX Covid Disinfectant Fogger

If you are in need of Houston TX Covid Disinfectant Fogger services, then you need to contact Commercial Cleaning Service Houston today. We offer a variety of cleaning and disinfection services to make you and your residents, customers, clients, and employees feel comfortable in your space.

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Houston TX Covid Disinfectant Fogger

You may be wondering how a disinfectant fogger works and what it even is. A covid disinfectant fogger uses electrostatic disinfection to clean surfaces and remove pathogens from the space. Using a new and unique specialized electrostatic sprayer, you can clean whole rooms in seconds.

Houston TX covid disinfectant fogger

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The question of course is does it work? Is electrostatic disinfection actually safe? The answer to both is a resounding yes. This methodology lets professional cleaners apply disinfectants more effectively, efficiently, and safely than previously. They are able to clean more areas in less time.

Of course, dry and wet dusting do work as well; however, unless the equipment you are using is regularly cleaned, all you are really doing is spreading the dust, dirt, and pathogens around. Dry dusting stirs up the resting dust, and wet dusting can require chemicals that could cause harm.

Those chemicals and dust in sensitive locations like medical facilities can be dangerous. With electrostatic disinfectant foggers, these issues are things of the past. This new method removes dirt, dust, and germs from surfaces without those problems.

As businesses and public spaces begin to reopen after quarantine, people will return to work and other places. They need ways of eliminating the spread of Covid-19 to feel safe and secure in the world. If you want to really show your team and your customers that you care for them, you need to be using disinfectant foggers.

The Science Behind Houston TX Covid Disinfectant Foggers

How exactly can you disinfect something with electrostatic sprayers? The process involves special sprayers and disinfectant solutions.

The sprayers take the solution and aerosolize them, making them airborne. Once aerosolized, the electrode within the nozzle charges the solutions using electricity. When the solution is appropriately charged, you can then spray it into the room you are cleaning.

The positive electrical charge of the airborne solution then sticks to the negative charge of your surfaces like a magnet. This creates a bond that evenly and completely coats the surfaces in disinfectant, killing the bacteria and viruses that cause illness.

Other industries have used this electrostatic spraying method for many years. One of the most common ways that this has been applied is for car painting. It ensures that the paint is evenly applied, even in those hard-to-reach areas. It is only recently that commercial cleaners have decided to catch up with other industries.

The Benefits of Electrostatic Over Other Methods

Houston TX covid disinfectant fogger

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To easily kill germs, you have to use disinfectants and other cleaning methods together. Even if you clean the top of a surface, germs can still live underneath the top layer. Therefore, you will want to clean more than just the top to clean everything properly.

Electrostatic sprayers make cleaning much simpler. With it, cleaning now takes far less time and effort because you can cover the whole area faster with more disinfectant. It is also important to mention that foggers can reach hard to get to places that you may not have otherwise cleaned.

Because you have more control over what you are spraying, you have lower chances of wasting and overusing any solution. And because the solution dries without requiring wiping, your cleaners can disinfect surfaces without having to touch them, which keeps them safe.

However, it is important to note that disinfectants do not create protective barriers between you and your surfaces. It only kills germs that it comes into contact with. To keep your surfaces clean, you need to continually clean them. This makes a fogger even more appealing because you will be using it a lot as you clean consistently.

With electrostatic foggers, it is much easier for you to control and eliminate major diseases in your workspace. These viruses can include not only Covid-19 but also the flu and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Of course, prevention of these diseases is only possible if you are using the right disinfectants.

How Cleaning Helps Stop the Spread of Covid-19

Obviously, there are a number of reasons why you should clean your space. You decrease the chances of a coworker or employee getting sick, which prevents service interruptions. It also has the added benefit of increasing trust between you and your workers, clients, and residents because they see your investment in their health.

Of course, the most pressing issue for cleaning is that it decreases the risk of Covid-19. The virus that causes Covid can last for hours or even days. Cleaning surfaces that are regularly touched reduces the likelihood that people will contract the virus through your firm.

Because your cleaning team can clean without coming into contact with the surfaces they are cleaning, there is little chance that they spread the diseases they are fighting. Whether you are cleaning keyboards, public spaces, or hospital rooms, disinfectant foggers can and should be your best friend.

Houston TX covid disinfectant fogger

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Contacting a Cleaning Service

Keeping an area clean has always been an important aspect of any business. That aspect becomes even more important during a pandemic. Now that businesses are opening again, it is ever more crucial that we reduce the spread of Covid.

The easiest way to do that is to routinely clean areas that experience high traffic. However, that means a lot of work and manhours lost if you are cleaning those areas yourself. If you want to ensure that you are as efficient as possible, you need to hire professionals to handle it properly.

With nearly three decades of experience, Commercial Cleaning Service Houston has numerous methods for cleaning your business. We offer a number of different cleaning options, including medical disinfection or janitorial services.

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