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Houston TX COVID 19 Cleaning Services

While we’re still feeling the effects of a pandemic, Houston TX COVID 19 cleaning services are more important than ever. The virus that causes COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for several hours to a few days. Although not the leading cause, if someone comes into contact with it, they may contract coronavirus. Commercial Cleaning Service Houston can destroy COVID germs and get your building disinfected and sanitized once more.

Houston TX COVID 19 Cleaning Services

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You can reduce this risk by routinely cleaning high-touch areas. These spots can include desk surfaces, light switches, doorknobs, and elevator buttons. Not to mention, periodic deep cleaning is beneficial in ridding your building of other viruses and bacteria.

In accordance with CDC and government guidelines, businesses and public areas are enforcing specific rules and suggestions. Some examples are wearing masks and maintaining some distance from others. Since the virus spreads from person to person, you can reduce the risk by keeping your distance.

However, as mentioned earlier, it is possible to get sick by coming touching an infected surface or area. And so, with the onset of the virus, you also need to up your cleaning regime. But, setting aside time, resources, and staff to clean and sanitize several times a day can affect your productivity. That’s why it’s much simpler to hire a professional cleaning service to do it for you.

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Houston TX COVID 19 Cleaning Services

Before you hire a cleaning service in Houston, you’ll want to decide where and how often you need to clean. To reduce the risk of you, your team members, or clients getting sick, you want to target high-traffic areas.

After that, you’ll need to consider what surfaces people often touch in those high-traffic areas. These surfaces can include light switches, doorknobs, handles, and buttons. Not to mention, you’ll need to consider spots like desk surfaces, keyboards, and other work equipment.

Then you’ll need to consider how often you need to clean those spots. The more frequently you come into contact with those areas, the more often you need to clean them. For example, for areas you visit or touch every day, you’ll need to clean them every day. While an area you only visit occasionally won’t need such frequent cleaning.

However, disinfecting and sanitizing a room are different things. Sometimes, even if you spray disinfectants at a surface, it won’t kill all the germs. You’ll need to clean the underlying dirt and grime before disinfecting it. So alongside spraying disinfectants, you also need to wipe everything down and sweep dust out.

But that’s a lot of work, work that you can’t divide your staff for. That’s why you can hire cleaning professionals from Commerical Cleaning Service Houston for quality COVID-19 cleaning services. With hospital-grade EPA-registered disinfectants, they can clear the room of any germs after giving it some deep cleaning.

Some Services We Offer

Commercial Cleaning Service Houston aims to keep our Houston community clean and neat. Whether it’s your home or business, our thorough cleaning process can help reduce the spread of the virus. By targeting highly touched surfaces, we can further prevent you, your team members, and your clients from getting viruses.

And, all of the disinfectants we use are environmentally friendly. While we clean your building, we can also protect the environment.

You can schedule our visits at your convenience. If you want us for routine cleaning, you can schedule us for daily, weekly, and monthly appearances. Or, if you only want us to come by once, we can also make that happen.

Houston TX COVID 19 Cleaning Services

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Not to mention, we also offer several other services that’ll help keep your commercial or residential area clean. Along with medical disinfection, we also offer terminal cleaning, janitorial services, carpet care, floor care, grout cleaning, and even post-construction clean-up.

Electrostatic Disinfecting

Amongst the different types of Houston TX COVID 19 cleaning services is something called electrostatic disinfecting. What is an electrostatic disinfectant service?

It’s a method of disinfecting that’s more effective in disinfecting larger surface areas and getting into awkward locations. With this method, you can quickly disinfect a large room in less time than with your usual methods.

The science behind it is pretty simple. With a specialized nozzle that’s positively charged, the solution that you spray onto a surface will also be positively charged. Since opposites attract, the positive charge of the solution will stick to the negatively charged surfaces better.

And, you won’t need to keep spraying into awkward corners in hopes that it’ll kill any hidden germs and bacteria. Because of its charge, it’ll spread out evenly on the surface’s back and front. This even layer can happen even if you’re only applying it from one side.

Other industries have been using this method for several decades now. For example, the automobile industry uses electrostatic sprayers to apply car paint. The positive charge ensures the paint spreads evenly and can reach the tiny cracks and crevices we can’t get to. By applying this to cleaning and disinfection, cleaning professionals can kill any germs that are hiding in hard-to-reach spots.

Houston TX COVID 19 Cleaning Services

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Scheduling a Reliable Cleaning Service

After the pandemic started, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces became more significant. Keep your high-touch surfaces and areas clean and free of germs by cleaning them regularly. You can protect yourself and others by lowering the chance of viruses and bacteria spreading.

There are several methods to do so, whether that’s by enforcing CDC and government guidelines or cleaning often. You can routinely clean your building by hiring Commercial Cleaning Service Houston.

With 20 years of experience, our professional cleaning crew can handle both small and large areas. And, with our equipment and hospital-grade disinfectants, we can kill any germs on your surfaces.

So, call today to protect and impress your team members and clients by hiring our Houston TX COVID 19 cleaning services.

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