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Houston TX Commercial Office Cleaning Services

If you’ve been looking for Houston TX commercial office cleaning services, you need to get in contact with Commercial Cleaning Service Houston. For more than 25 years, we’ve been providing Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas with expert cleaning services.

From office buildings to apartment blocks, our team is passionate about bringing our clients the very best cleaning services. We understand the importance of having a safe and clean work or home environment, and that is what we will provide you with.

Get in touch to find out why our Houston TX commercial office cleaning services are the best services in town.

Houston TX commercial office cleaning services

The crew at Commercial Cleaning Service Houston thoroughly cleans all parts of buildings.

Finding The Right Cleaning Service

It is essential to your building’s operation that you have a trusted cleaning service in place. Without a reliable cleaning crew, your employees’ and tenants’ health and well-being could be at risk.

However, with the right cleaning crew, you could save time and money while keeping your staff’s best interests in mind. That’s why you should hire Commercial Cleaning Service Houston.

Not only will you benefit from a reliable service, but you’ll receive Houston TX commercial office cleaning services with top-quality products.

We only use eco-friendly cleaning products in our practices. This is because not only are they better for the environment, but they’re also better for you.

Adopting the practice of green cleaning will significantly reduce chemicals and toxins in the work area. Not only that, but they reduce the chances of airborne dust, meaning the air quality in your building will increase. In addition to this, the properties of green products reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. SO not only will your facility be cleaner, but it will also be safer.

Commercial Cleaning Service Houston

As a cleaning company that has been running since 1993, we have years of experience delivering high-quality cleaning services. With our methods and highly trained professionals, you can trust that your office building is in great hands.

Since opening, our mission has been to provide the best cleaning service in the greater Houston area. We achieve this with our innovative cleaning methods, our eco-friendly products, and our excellent customer service. So whether you need commercial cleaning, janitorial services, or a more specialized service, you can rely on the cleaning experts at Commercial Cleaning Service Houston.

When you choose our services, you can expect a higher standard than most. To ensure we’re fulfilling this promise, we take additional measures; visits to your facility. Once a week, an area manager will come and inspect your facility to make sure we’re providing a cleaning service that not just meets our standards but yours too.

We even take it one step further. Every month an operations manager will visit for overall quality control. With this level of commitment, there’s no other company to consider for your Houston TX commercial office cleaning services.

Our Services

Our many years of service have taught us that not all companies are the same, and because of this, they may not require the same cleaning services. Certain businesses may require extra care. That won’t be a problem for our professionals. We offer a variety of services to fit all your cleaning needs. We also offer varying schedules so you can acquire our services whenever you need them.

Daily, weekly, and monthly cleans are all available through our company. However, if you require a unique cleaning schedule, that won’t be a problem. Our staff will work with you to devise a cleaning plan that benefits you. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like more information about our scheduling options.

Houston Texas commercial office cleaning services

We proudly use eco-friendly products.

When you select Commercial Cleaning Service Houston as your office cleaning service, you can rest easy knowing we always comply with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) guidelines. This means our cleaning crews will deliver exceptional services every time.

What makes Commercial Cleaning Service Houston different from other cleaning companies is our varying services. For the most part, cleaning companies will only cover services such as cleaning the bathrooms and taking care of the trash. Sometimes, you may find additional services such as carpet cleaning. However, this is usually at an additional cost.

When you choose our service, you’ll receive all of the above and more. We’ll take care of your windows, hard-wood floorings, and post-construction clean-up, just to name a few. For full-scale cleaning services, give us a call.

Floor Care & Carpets

Carpet cleaning can be a difficult task. All sorts of stains, mud, and dirt can end up embedded deep in the root. However, you can rely on Commercial Cleaning Service Houston to make your carpets look good as new. Our commercial-grade carpet extractor is a highly effective piece of cleaning equipment. It works to rid the carpet of the most stubborn stains and marks while providing a thorough deep clean.

Other floor surfaces we specialize in include wood, laminate, tile, and more. With our cleaning products and stripping waxes, we’re able to eliminate stains, scuffs, and other marks, while leaving your floors shiny and clean.


Our cleaning staff has been highly trained to expertly clean industrial and commercial windows. Whether your building has few or many windows, we’ll restore them to their natural shine with no streaks or water residue regardless of the size.

Power Washing Services

Although the health and safety of a building are more focused on the interior conditions, it’s essential you don’t forget about the exterior. The outward appearance of a building is essential in establishing a respectable reputation for your company and attracting tenants and employees.

Allow our experts to take care of this for you. Our power washing services can make the exterior of your building look brand new. Getting rid of dirt and other outdoor factors just became a whole lot easier. We’ll even go above and beyond and take care of the surrounding sidewalks.

The Most Trusted Houston TX Commercial Office Cleaning Services.

Houston TX commercial office cleaning services

For outstanding Houston TX commercial office cleaning services available, give us a call today.

For a commercial cleaning company that promises expert building maintenance thorough cleaning and disinfecting, call us today. Give us a call at (713) 425-9600, and you can find more about our locations and services on our website.

Make sure you check it out to learn why we’re the most trusted Houston TX commercial office cleaning services.

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