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Houston TX Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

Ridding your kitchen of infestations is essential for a restaurant, which is why Houston TX commercial kitchen cleaning services exist. By cleaning routinely, with a professional service like Commercial Cleaning Service Houston, you can prevent mold and other harmful bacteria from growing. So with a clean kitchen, you’ll have a safe food prep area.

People enjoy eating at restaurants, perhaps for the atmosphere, but usually for the food. However, not many people realize the magnitude of how busy it can get behind the kitchen doors. Your staff has many responsibilities, and cleaning may not be the top priority when you have several orders to complete.

Houston TX Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

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However, cleaning your kitchen is essential to keep your business running smoothly. This point isn’t just about meeting government regulations and the likes. It’s about protecting your customers and staff from dangers and getting sick.

According to the CDC, more than 50% of foodborne illnesses are linked to restaurants. And you can help prevent that by keeping a clean kitchen. That’s where a professional cleaning service like us can help you.

Worry less about complying with industry health and hygiene regulations, and focus on the satisfaction of your customers. Call today, you won’t find a more efficient cleaning crew in Houston, Texas.

Houston TX Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

We at Commercial Cleaning Service Houston can deep clean your commercial kitchen to perfection. Granted, you can probably handle some of these tasks yourself. But we can do it for you, so you have time to attend to other tasks.

Our Houston TX commercial kitchen cleaning services include sanitizing and disinfecting your sinks, surfaces, and cabinets. And, we’ll also refill your soap dispensers, towel dispensers, and sweep and mop your floors. If necessary, we’ll also clean your appliances and equipment.

Your countertops and hard surfaces are some favorite spots for bacteria to grow. Since you’re frequently using them to prep food, you should wipe them down several times a day. Not only will we clean any spots you may miss during your daily work, but we’ll also disinfect your surfaces for you. By disinfecting them, it’ll eliminate any lingering bacteria.

Most commercial kitchens have an exhaust system, including the vent and hood. Grease and grime can build up on both of these essential parts, so you’ll need to have both the vent and hood cleaned regularly. Otherwise, it’ll restrict your kitchen’s airflow.

Accidents can happen in a kitchen, and constant foot traffic doesn’t help the matter. Food spills are probably common occurrences, and your walls and floors take the brunt of it. Airborne steam, oil, and grease can cling to your walls, ceiling, and floor, which leaves discoloration and causes foul odors. We can clean your floors, walls, and ceiling and prevent any of that from happening.

One of the most critical facilities in your kitchen is the sink. You clean ingredients, dishes, and utensils in them every day. During our cleaning process, we’ll wash down your sinks and disinfect them afterward.

Houston TX Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

We’ll disinfect your surfaces, sinks, and cabinets for you.

Why We’re Helpful

When your restaurant’s busy, it’s probably a hassle juggling multiple orders as it is. And after the day is done, you may not have the time or energy to deep clean everything. Not to mention, there are certain jobs you’d probably rather hand off to a professional cleaner to handle.

We can handle more than the basic restaurant cleaning that you and your staff do after closing. We can deep clean everything that you may not have time for.

From scrubbing the layers of grease and oil off your walls, floors, and kitchen hood, we can make your kitchen and the rest of your restaurant spotless.

However, a lot happens in kitchens. Even after a deep clean, your kitchen will accumulate stains and layers of oil and grease again. So you’ll need to find cleaning professionals that can give your kitchen routine deep cleanings. That’s where we offer essential janitorial services for your kitchen.

You can schedule our appearances on your own time so that we won’t be in your way during busy parts of the day. We can come by monthly, weekly, or even daily. Although, daily may be excessive cleaning for a commercial kitchen. And, if you only want our services once, we can do that too.

Food Safety

Usually, if you’re cleaning a kitchen, you’re thinking of food safety. And that is an essential part of keeping your kitchens spotless. It’s a fact that food can carry dangerous bacteria and microbes that can give people food poisoning or sick. No restaurant or food-related business owner wants that on their conscience.

However, having a messy kitchen can mean more than food safety. A messy kitchen is almost an invitation for fire and pests. If you don’t clean your kitchen periodically, layers of grease and dust will form on the walls, floors, and equipment. Combine that with the kitchen’s high temperatures, and you may start an unwanted fire.

Not to mention, having a dirty kitchen is almost an open invitation for bugs and rodents to invade. As we all know, pests are a hazard in the food industry. They can get into your storage, ruining any foodstuffs before and during prep. Not to mention, they’re hosts to bacteria and hazardous germs, which can contaminate your food.

But you can prevent those issues by cleaning your kitchen often. And if you don’t have time for that, you can hire a professional cleaning service like us to help you keep everything clean.

Houston TX Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

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Hiring Commercial Cleaning Service Houston

Running a commercial kitchen and restaurant is a lot of hard work. You have a lot on your plate, from making sure your team members have a clean place to prep food to ensuring your customers have phenomenal service.

Cleaning your kitchen may not be the first on your list of priorities. However, giving your kitchen the deep cleaning it needs is an important task.

But what happens if you don’t have the time to do so? You can hire a professional cleaning service that can handle it for you. Contact Commercial Cleaning Service Houston today and hear the full extent of what we can do for you.

We’ll clean so that you can focus on your business. Visit our location in The Woodlands or Houston, TX, or call us today and ask about our Houston TX commercial kitchen cleaning services.

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