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Houston TX Commercial Janitorial Services Near Me

Have you been searching for Houston TX commercial janitorial services near me? If so, contact Commercial Cleaning Service Houston today. Our more than 25 years in the industry has allowed us to perfect our cleaning methods. This ensures an efficient and professional job is carried out anytime you require our services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

A Trusted Janitorial Service

Since our opening in 1993, we have established ourselves as a dependable and professional janitorial service in the greater Houston area. Our affordable rates and highly effective cleaning techniques have allowed us to achieve this.

Houston TX commercial janitorial services near me

We serve Houston and surrounding areas.

Our goal at Commercial Cleaning Service Houston is to provide high-quality services with equally high-quality customer satisfaction. With this in mind, we only use the best cleaning products and keep our schedules as flexible as possible so we can be there whenever you need us.

When you choose our services, you can trust that your commercial facility will undergo a professional clean and disinfection to provide not only a clean workspace for your employees but a safe one too.

Green Cleaning

Our cleaning crews go above and beyond to ensure we never compromise our clients’ health and safety. That is why we only use eco-friendly cleaning products. There are many benefits associated with eco-friendly products. Not just for the environment, but for us too. Green cleaning is an effective way to make sure your building is as clean as possible.

These green products not only reduce the number of dust particles in the air but also slow the spread of germs and bacteria. This means your employees and customers can enjoy fresher, cleaner indoor air while also being protected from illnesses such as the common cold.

Additionally, these products are safer for everybody involved. Unlike regular cleaning products, green products don’t contain any harmful or toxic chemicals eliminating the risk of our cleaning crews or your staff breathing in the harsh fumes.

Creating a safe and healthy environment for all is just one reason why you should choose our professional cleaners for your Houston TX commercial janitorial services near me.

Commercial Cleaning Service Houston

Houston Texas commercial janitorial services near me

When you want the best cleaning services, contact our experts.

With close to 30 years of service, our company has undertaken commercial cleaning and janitorial services for companies of all varieties. Schools, hospitals, hotels, and office buildings are just some of the facilities we’ve attended to.

Our cleaning crews aren’t afraid of hard work and can handle jobs of any size. This has been proved through our servicing of sports arenas and stadiums. So whatever the size of your commercial facility, you can always turn to Commercial Cleaning Service Houston. We’ll provide a professional and effective job every time.

Our cleaning schedules vary to fit your needs. Whether you require our services monthly, weekly, or daily, our cleaning crews will be there. If your facility requires a more specialist schedule, that won’t be a problem for our crew. We’ll take the time to develop a cleaning plan specific to your facility.

The best part is, Commercial Cleaning Service Houston is a fully insured company. This means you never have to worry about being onsite when our cleaning professionals get to work. This means if a nightly or evening routine works better for you, you won’t have to put your day on hold to be around for the cleaning process.

Reach out to our staff today at (713) 425-9600 to learn what other benefits come with our services.

More Than You’d Expect

Because of our vast experience working in different facilities, we understand that not all of them require the same services. Depending on the building’s function, extra care may be necessary for a thorough and effective clean. That is why we offer more than just janitorial services.

At Commercial Cleaning Service Houston, we want to offer you any cleaning service you may need. With this in mind, all of our cleaning staff are professionally trained in a number of services. On top of the usual janitorial duties such as bathroom cleanings and emptying the trash, we offer power washing services, deep carpet cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and lots more.

The cleaning equipment we use is second to none. Our commercial-grade carpet extractor works expertly to eliminate any stains, dirt, or other particles trapped deep at the rot. We also utilize expert-grade stripping waxes and floor cleaners. Your floors will look good as new when you hire Commercial Cleaning Service Houston.

Building maintenance doesn’t just cover the indoor facilities. It also refers to the outdoor space of your building. If this space is forgotten about, then the exterior of your building isn’t going to be in the best of shape. That is why we offer power washing and window services to cater to all aspects of your facility.

Houston TX commercial janitorial services near me

For Houston TX commercial janitorial services near me that can handle every task, call Commercial Cleaning Service Houston.

Our attention to detail makes us the perfect choice when you require office cleaning services in Sugar Land, Houston, and nearby areas. Reach out to us to see how we can restore your building.

Quality Control

To ensure our cleaning crews are carrying out their services to the high standard we always promise, an operations manager will visit your building once monthly for overall quality control.

However, as we want to keep a close eye on our services, you can expect a weekly visit from an area manager. As we don’t want to interrupt your working schedule or show up at an inconvenient time, we’ll work with you to determine the best times for these visits.

Houston TX Commercial Janitorial Services Near Me

If you’re looking for professional and efficient janitorial services for your commercial facility, don’t hesitate to call (713) 425-9600. Commercial Cleaning Service Houston will gladly take on any janitorial or cleaning services you require.

You can also get in touch via our website and make sure you look for our locations and services. There’s a reason why we’re the best choice when you need Houston TX commercial janitorial services near me.

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