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Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies

Are you looking for the best Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies? Look no further. Commercial Cleaning Service Houston is here for you. We provide cleaning, disinfecting, and more to the Houston Metro Area.

Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies

Our expert crew cleans any building, no matter how big.

Our business is both customer and family-oriented, and has been around since 1993. Since our start over 25 years ago, we’ve built quite a great rapport for ourselves. Our customers easily begin to feel like family with us, and all of our services are tailored to your needs and what you want your business to look like.

We have one mission in mind here: to provide beyond the best customer service for everyone we come in contact with. Our five core values, integrity, honesty, dependability, respect, and value have enabled us to do just that since our humble beginnings. We truly would like for our customers to be happy with the services we provide to them.

If you’re just needing a bit of clean-up after a company gathering, or you need professional deep cleaning services, we have a team for you that’ll be able to meet your needs and standards. Our team is full of hard-working professionals who are ready to get your workspace looking phenomenal again.

Moreover, we have numerous certifications, most importantly, with OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Additionally, we are certified with The Carpet and Rug Institute, U.S. Green Building Council, and Green Safe certified products. These certifications allow us to ensure we are operating safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Finally, all of our staff members are professionally trained, and background checked. Also, they are dedicated to providing the same excellent customer service to all of their clients. Call us if you’ve been looking for Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies.

Our Services

At Commercial Cleaning Service Houston, we provide many services in various locations allowing us to meet our numerous customers’ needs. From construction sites to offices, daycares, or schools, we are able to clean them all. You’ll see the difference and agree that we’re one of the most reliable Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies you can find.

All of the products we use are eco-friendly in accordance with our Green Safe product certifications. Green cleaning is also at the heart of our business, and you can ensure all of our cleaning products will keep your building clean. We can offer you a janitorial team, floor care, or carpet cleaning. Again, whatever your needs are, we meet them!

Our team can also help you with one-time jobs such as window cleaning, event set-up, and take-down.

Our most popular options are window cleaning, floor care, and top-notch janitorial services. Whichever you need, we are happy to explain to you what those services include. Call us now!

Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies

Commercial Cleaning Service Houston has both the products and experience to professional disinfect, including for COVID-19.

Janitorial Services

Not every business comes with a janitorial team. As a business owner, you may have to provide one for yourself.  You do not want to end up in a bind when your office becomes too hectic and messy.

Additionally, it is important to keep your work environment clean and healthy. Looking for a reputable and reliable janitorial team can be tough if you have no recommendations.

When you use our services, you can rest assured that we are a well-known team you can trust. You can try to expect your staff not to mess up your building, but accidents happen–they are inevitable. Cleaning and maintenance should be a job left to the cleaning experts–us.

Before you know it, accidents can begin to pile up and leave your office looking like a complete mess if you don’t have a janitorial team to come and help with clean up. However, we will provide you with an excellent janitorial team to meet all of your needs. We keep your office looking like new.

Our janitorial team is the best in Greater Houston and will get your office looking brand new again. It doesn’t matter if you need our services weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or daily–we cater to your needs no matter how persistent or minimal they are.

If your office needs good deep-cleaning, mopping, or sweeping, the janitorial staff can help get your office looking brand new again. We want to make the process easy for you.

Our services are well known, and we take all of the services we complete seriously. Fostering a healthy environment is another one of our goals.

About our equipment

Our cleaning staff uses the best equipment around. Proper cleaning requires the proper materials. A mop and broom can get the job done, but sometimes it takes a bit more than the old reliable materials to get rid of certain messes. Additionally, if mops and brooms aren’t cleaned properly, they can harbor lots of nasty bacteria that can get spread from business to business.

The Houston CSS team uses commercial-grade truck-mounted carpet extractors. Because they are the best of their kind, they are able to lift years of dirt and grime from the depths of your carpeting. Also, we use efficient chemicals that comply with OSHA regulations. You only get the absolute best when you use our services.

Our machines are extremely powerful and much better than that mop and bucket alternative we mentioned already.

Keeping the focus on our core values has allowed us to invest in the best machines to make your experience that much better. We want nothing but the best for you and your company. And that is all you can expect from us.

Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies

Call today and schedule commercial services with one of the best Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies out there.

Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies

If you’re ready to get started with an expert janitorial team, please don’t wait to give us a call at (713) 474-4741.

We want to help you get the clean office you deserve. Don’t wait any longer. Call one of the most efficient, friendly, and green Houston TX commercial janitorial service companies–Commercial Cleaning Service Houston.

Fun Facts about Houston TX:

  • Houston is one of the busiest port cities in the nation.
  • The Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world.
  • Houston has an underground tunnel system.
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