COVID-19 Disinfecting

Since the beginning of 2020, businesses have been forced to step up their cleaning game. Especially when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting offices and public spaces. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), along with state and local governments, has enforced specific rules that help prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

For instance, wearing a face-covering over your mouth and nose helps protect yourself and others from the viral droplets that can be passed from person to person. Additionally, maintaining a six-foot physical distance from others and limiting the number of people in a store are considered preventative measures.

Enforcing a set of rules like this is termed ‘community mitigation’ by the CDC and is recognized as an essential aspect of preventing outbreaks in communities everywhere. While businesses strive to keep their stores and offices sanitary for visitors, there is a limit to what they are capable of doing.

In a pandemic setting, a clean and healthy work environment will do more than it ever has to boost the productivity of your workforce. When employees and customers see that you are taking extra steps for their safety, they see that they are valued. As a result, business runs smoother.

Setting aside time, resources, and personnel to clean and sanitize several times a day can have a negative impact on work productivity. This is why it is a great idea to hire a commercial cleaning service that specializes in the sanitization of large areas.

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Routine COVID-19 Disinfecting

How frequently a surface needs to be disinfected depends on how much your employees or visitors come into contact with it. For instance, doorknobs, drawer pulls, light switches, and countertops are all considered high-touch surfaces. As a result, these surfaces must receive disinfection minimum once daily.

Whether a surface can hold the virus for an extended period of time depends on the type of surface. Generally, with a few exceptions, the virus survives on the surface for anywhere from several hours to several days. However, keep in mind that the CDC has determined the virus spreads primarily through person-to-person contact, not from surfaces.

When cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, a commercial cleaning service takes certain precautions. For instance, team members wear gloves and sometimes full-body suits that cover their clothing. In a setting where viral exposure is higher, this type of personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential.

Using Disinfectant in Large Spaces

At the beginning of the Corona Virus outbreak, disinfecting surfaces didn’t do much to prevent the spread of the virus. The number of people who were infected was so large that small surfaces were a small worry. However, businesses were under pressure to find a way to sanitize and disinfect larger spaces quickly.

Because, although events and large gatherings were under restrictions, essential spaces, like hospitals, require a massive effort to disinfect. Other industries, like transportation services, had to adapt methods of regularly disinfecting after every client quickly. Throughout the year, the CDC released various pamphlets and information sheets that give employers tips about disinfecting specific surfaces.

Although the pressure of the pandemic has alleviated somewhat, there are still businesses that need large-scale disinfection. In this case, it is essential for businesses to ensure they have the right chemicals and disinfectants for the entire process to work. A commercial cleaning service has access to the equipment and amount of cleaner needed to disinfect large areas.

Things to Know About Powerful Disinfectants

Believe it or not, disinfectants can have a negative impact when you breathe them in. Asthmatics and those with other underlying conditions can have trouble breathing in an environment where disinfectants are constantly in use.

It is crucial to the health of your employees and customers that there be adequate ventilation in the location where the disinfectant spray is in use. A commercial cleaning service often has fans on standby for this purpose. However, it is better to have windows or an advanced filtration system available to filter out the excess spray.

In addition, if you choose to disinfect yourself, make sure you wear gloves and a face mask. Most disinfectants won’t harm the skin. However, exposure over a long period of time can cause breakouts, hives, and other skin conditions. Moreover, these chemicals can have adverse effects on the lungs.

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