Corona Virus Cleaning Services

If you find yourself searching for the perfect Corona Virus Cleaning Services, end your search with us here at Commercial Cleaning Service Houston!

With the best-of-the-best individuals hired to clean your office or personal space, there’s never been a better time to get your spring cleaning out of the way.

Why Commercial Cleaning Service In Houston?

Of course, with so many options on the market for professional cleaning services, it can be hard to decide on a particular cleaning company. It’s understandable, yet we are without a doubt the best hospital-grade cleaners for your COVID-19 cleaning.

What’s our mission?

Firstly, our primary mission is to ensure clean, safe, and tidy environments for our Houston community. We envision being the best possible premier commercial cleaning service within the Greater Houston Area.

We strive to keep your business or personal space cleaner than you’ve ever seen it before. If you come in and think to yourself, “Wow, is this the same space? It’s almost too clean!” Then we did our job right.

Secondly, we’ve been in this business for twenty years. That is truly a testimony to how seriously we take this job. If you’re left unhappy in any way, shape, or form, we will ensure to fix whatever you need.

We truly want our customers and clients to be left with the utmost happiness and satisfaction from our services. Whether your services necessary are one-time, daily, weekly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis, we have you covered.

Services Provided By Our Expert Team:

Furthermore, the services that we provide surpass our competitors greatly. When it comes to disinfecting your home, or other disinfecting services, we can get you precisely what you need.

Plus, with our wonderful team at CCS, we will ensure home and business protection. We keep all of our team members up to the CDC guideline for optimal prevention of spread with the COVID-19 virus.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, there’s been a notable influx of need for coronavirus cleaning. Particularly when it comes to high-touch surfaces or areas, there have been many particular calls for a cleaning service that can take on such a task.

With such a high risk of spreading, our services have been needed far more than they ever were. Of course, we are here to rise to the occasion and ensure total protection for your home, business, or anywhere else!

Some of our services that we provide to the Greater Houston Area include:

  • Medical Disinfection
  • Green Products Disinfection
  • Terminal Cleaning
  • Janitorial
  • Carpet Care
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Floor Care
  • Post Construction
  • Window Cleaning
  • Day Porter
  • Event Set-Up/Planning
  • Power Wash

With such wonderful inclusions to our service cleaning, there’s no way you’ll want to pursue any other cleaning service for the job!

Medical Disinfection

Due to the ever-so looming presence of COVID-19, the importance of keeping a clean environment cannot be stressed enough.

Many offices and businesses have particular cleaning protocols, but since the COVID-19 outbreak, these cleaning and disinfection protocols have certainly been ramped up.

Medical disinfection is one of the best options of disinfection for offices, apartments, homes, hospitals, and more.

Our services provide EPA registered disinfecting materials and products, only the best on the market to properly ensure the cleanest of spaces.

Green Products Disinfection

Secondly, we offer green products disinfection here at CCS. While we have our client’s proper disinfection at the forefront of our goals, we also want to ensure we aren’t hurting the environment.

Our products here at CCS are ensured to be both environmentally-friendly, as well as efficient in cleaning and disinfecting spaces.

Terminal Cleaning

Next, when it comes to terminal cleaning, this is something we take extremely seriously. To halt the spreading of the COVID-19 infection, you must ensure proper cleaning occurs in the space you’re trying to keep clean.

Terminal cleaning is the best option for hospitals and other healthcare facilities and spaces.


Our team members at CCS will meet all your facility cleaning requirements. It’s vital that your clients come into a safe and clean facility.

That’s where we come in; with top-tier janitorial services, we can make sure your space is always spotless.

Carpet Care

We only use commercial-grade and mounted cleaners for all things carpet-related. Plus, we only use the best chemicals available on the market to effectively remove all soils in the carpet.

Grout Cleaning

In particular, grout cleaning can be a filthy job. Just have our pros here at CCS have a go; we can clean even the grimiest of floors!

Floor Care

We only provide the finest of equipment to ensure glistening floors. Our different services provided with floor care include waxing, burnishing, and stripping.

Post Construction

No one understands better than us that a clean construction building is essential for clients.

That’s why we can provide the best expert cleaning and floor care to every brand-new facility.

Window Cleaning

Now, this kind of job takes gusto. Window cleaning is not an easy job whatsoever. That’s why it should be left to us; we can restore the most grimy of windows for a beautiful, streak-free look.

Day Porter

Both industrial and commercial facilities alike need maintenance on a daily basis.

At CCS, we are able to provide you with that, no matter what sort of business you run or how often cleaning is necessary.

Event Set-Up/Planning

In particular, event set-up/planning is a service offered for those looking to throw a group dinner or banquet.

CCS can provide a full staff that can arrange tables and decorations in any way you wish!

Power Wash

One of the most essential ways to restore a worn-out or filthy building is by power washing. Our power washing services are top-tier and will make any shabby building look brand-new again!


There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to cleaning services in Houston, Texas.

Whether you’re looking for personal or commercial cleaning, we have you covered here at Commercial Cleaning Services.

Call one of our lovely representatives today, and see what services fit best for your business or personal needs, (713)-425-9600.  We want to give you peace of mind, so let us help keep your business or facility in tip-top shape so your clients can feel safe and comfortable!

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